Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Portfolio Presentation

As have now completed my collection I feel that it is important that I use the remaining time I have to prefect my portfolio, as it will represent my design aesthetic. As I have been nominated for the Portfolio Award at Graduate Fashion Week, I feel that it is important I consider page layout and presentation fully, and I have been looking in magazines such as Wallpaper and Distil for inspiration.
Bellow are pages from my portfolio as they have evolved:

Above is an example of the page layout of my mood-board for my Final Major Project. I have considered use of colour through the text/images, and have considered my use of negative space, as i feel this gives the pages a clean, slick feel.

Here I have collated imagery that relates to my print work, from inspiration to development. The addition of text gives the pages a professional feel.

I also decided to use imagery from my sketchbooks within the portfolio as I feel that this illustrates the development and progression I have made within my project.

As illustration is of great interest to me I felt that it was important to include illustration within my portfolio. I feel my use of negative space compliments the quirky style of illustration. Adding the title of the collection to the page also created a sense of consistency and professionalism within my presentation.

Technical drawings with fabric swatches – I feel that the swatches add a burst of colour/texture to the page, and help to illustrate the development of the collection.

The following images are pages I put together for previous projects. Again I was thinking about scale, negative space and text/ font in order to create a professional portfolio that I am proud of.

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