Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Inspirational Illustrators....

Laura Laine....

I am drawn to Laine's quirky depiction of the female form, and hauntingly beautiful illustrative style. The way in which she intertwines figures with long flowing hair is distinctive of her mark making. Laine's illustrations have a dramatic gothic feel, and i admire the way they are rendered using pencil/ pen. http://www.lauralaine.net/

"How would you describe your style?
My drawing style is something I’m not so conscious about, I just do what I feel like at the moment. Lately it’s been twisted-bodied girls with a melancholy attitude.”

Sara Singh

singh's illustrations are also hand drawn, and it is the fluid style, achieved through watercolor and ink,that i am drawn to.

kime Buzzelli

I love the attitude Buzzelli's illustrations have, her bold and imaginative use of mixed media makes her work visually interesting. Buzzelli incorporates make-up, watercolour, thread and fabric into her work. Invested in a vocabulary of desire, nature, witchcraft and superstition, Buzzelli's paintings are essentially dark love poems inhabited by wicked women, wild animals, secret societies, and places of wonder and fear.

With a fascination with the lives of others, Buzzelli's narrative illustrations both obscure and reveal. Inserting brief poetic text into the compositions, Buzzelli creates juxtapositions which cloud an immediate reading of the work; it is unclear if the words serve as the thoughts of her subjects, or an omniscient proposition. These bits become suggestions or clues to the lives of her subjects which the viewer is left to unravel.

Jasper Goodall

Goodall's slick illustrations are multimedia pieces made using felt tips, pencils, Illustrator and Photoshop. I feel his work communicates attitude and drama. I love the textural effect he achieves through mixed media and mark making.

Personally I am drawn to hand drawn illustrations as i feel they have more character/are more evocative than computer generated illustrations. I admire Goodall's style as he successfully juxtaposes both techniques. Through my own illustrations i hope to create an edgy yet romantic mood, (something i feel Laine captures through her depiction of the female form)whilst using both Photoshop and hand rendering techniques.

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