Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Portfolio Presentation

As have now completed my collection I feel that it is important that I use the remaining time I have to prefect my portfolio, as it will represent my design aesthetic. As I have been nominated for the Portfolio Award at Graduate Fashion Week, I feel that it is important I consider page layout and presentation fully, and I have been looking in magazines such as Wallpaper and Distil for inspiration.
Bellow are pages from my portfolio as they have evolved:

Above is an example of the page layout of my mood-board for my Final Major Project. I have considered use of colour through the text/images, and have considered my use of negative space, as i feel this gives the pages a clean, slick feel.

Here I have collated imagery that relates to my print work, from inspiration to development. The addition of text gives the pages a professional feel.

I also decided to use imagery from my sketchbooks within the portfolio as I feel that this illustrates the development and progression I have made within my project.

As illustration is of great interest to me I felt that it was important to include illustration within my portfolio. I feel my use of negative space compliments the quirky style of illustration. Adding the title of the collection to the page also created a sense of consistency and professionalism within my presentation.

Technical drawings with fabric swatches – I feel that the swatches add a burst of colour/texture to the page, and help to illustrate the development of the collection.

The following images are pages I put together for previous projects. Again I was thinking about scale, negative space and text/ font in order to create a professional portfolio that I am proud of.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Long Silk Interlock Dress

This is the final dress of the collection, and is a fitted column style silk interlock dress with bold floral digital print.

It was important this dress hugged the curved of the body so that it has a dramatic impact, and through toiling I feel that I was able to achieve this through the final design. The silk interlock has a luxurious feel, and I feel that the digital print is bold and striking; although on reflection I would have scaled down the flowers slightly, and not blurred them quite so much.

The back detail is a feature that I have repeated within the collection, and the drape that this creates illuminates the luxurious nature of the fabric.

Illustration Development....

Recently I have been working on my portfolio pages so that my work can be presented professionally and to the best of my ability. I have been looking at magazine layouts for inspiration, and thinking about using negative space etc.

As illustration is of interest to me i have been working on perfecting the illustrations of my line-up, taking inspiration from Laura Laine's quirky depiction of the female form, and sense of gothic glamor.

The line up pictured was created using a mix of hand drawing and Photoshop techniques to add print/ colour. Through the layout I have considered page layout so that my work sends out a professional message to members of the industry. I feel that it is important i spend a lot of time organising my portfolio as i have been entered for the Portfolio award at Graduate Fashion Week.

Styling Ideas

I have started to think about styling ideas for the photo shoot of my final collection. These photos will be used within my portfolio and look book to promote my work.

I am going to do the photographs in the studio, as I feel that it will look professional and will not detract from the garments/ print. I also want o create sense of consistency between the photos I take, and the one that was taken by David Lam.

I am drawn to the professionalism of Hannah Marshall’s look books as they reflect her style as a designer, and the focus is on the garments.

In terms of styling I want to keep the hair and make-up subtle and natural. Erdem’s Resort A/W 2009 collection is of particular interest as I love the feminine styling. I will thus opt for the hair to be up in a messy style bun to create an effortless feeling of elegance.


For the make-up I will do something similar to the way MAC did the make-up for my David Lam shoot – Smokey eyes and porcelain skin and nude lips.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Future Plans

This week I have been thinking about my goals for the future, and I feel that as a result of my work experience with Hannah Marshall and Studio G, combined with my own design aesthetic, I would want to work as part of a design team for a luxury women’s wear label designing print for fashion, such as Erdem; Erdem in particular as I am drawn to his feminine design aesthetic and beautiful use of floral print. I intend to send out my CV to various design companies/ designers that use print for fashion such as Erdem and Joanna Vanderpuije (a contact I made through my course) in the hope of gaining work experience to further my knowledge and skills within the industry.


I had to give a 10 minute presentation on my final project and future plans. I prepared the presentation well covering my inspiration, final collection, future plans and how I intend to achieve them. However when it came to presenting to the group nerves got the better of me. I have always found presenting my work to a group of people challenging, and unfortunately I was unable to deliver a strong and enthusiastic presentation because I lost confidence. I went completely blank and forgot all of the things I wanted to say, spoke too fast and did not make eye contact with the audience. It seems that however hard I practice it all tends to come down to how calm I am on the day, and I was very disappointed with how it went.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Illustration Development....

After further research into illustrators that inspired me, i decided to further develop and refine my own illustrative style. The above illustrations are inspired by Laura Laine's quirky depiction of the female form and image of gothic glamor, combined with Jasper Goodall's digital approach to illustration.

My illustrations are hand rendered, and then manipulated on Photoshop to capture my love of colour and pattern. I feel they create the elegant yet edgy mood i was aiming to portray. I also wanted to consider the negative space, as i feel the most professional illustrations are the ones that have considered page layout.

Fashion for life: Jezebel meets Annabel

By Mimi Spencer

"Kate Moss unleashes her Jezebel tendencies while Kirstie Allsopp channels her inner Annabel

Fashion, in common with all great sports, is a game of two halves. On one team, you have people like my friend Jezebel. She’s one of those women who rises late, reaches for her sunglasses and lights a Lucky Strike. Jezebel draws today’s kohl eyeliner over yesterday’s, and wears spike heels, clingy leggings, black leather and a heavy fringe, if only to put the cat out.

Even at the age of 40, she can lurk at the outskirts of a gig and not look as though she’s come to pick up her daughter. As you might imagine, she’s a bit Kate Moss, a bit Carine Roitfeld and plenty cool.

On the other side of the equation, you’ll find people like my friend Annabel. Annabel is what you might call a wafter. She smells of lavender cushions and mimosa, a bit like a plug-in air freshener, and wears prom dresses in floral cotton which have been around since the 50s but have never really left the building. And Cath Kidston. She loves all that never-had-it-so-good retro malarkey.

If Annabel were a shoe, she’d be a rose-print kitten heel. Annabel gives excellent cleavage, but never in a suggestive way; her chest always looks wonderfully capable, fit for feeding babies not fantasies. She reminds me of Kirstie Allsopp, with her cinched belts and her sure-handed prettiness, her safe, knee-length life.

The most recent catwalk diktat is a combination of hard chic and easy charm. Together. On one plate

Generally speaking, fashion deals with the Jezebels and the Annabels in separate cohorts, as if we’ve all been streamed for performance. You often see this division in the pages of fashion magazines – one shoot full of rock chicks with quiffs and sneers and sharp black tailoring, and the next featuring Lily Cole dressed as a wood nymph and tiptoeing through a misty woodland at dawn wearing a tulle petticoat and a hand-knitted bobble hat.

For much of the time, women are expected to find their category and fall in with it. I’d fall off my chair if Jezebel arrived for lunch wearing a hibiscus hair slide or a cashmere twinset in a lovely shade of framboise. Or if Annabel dropped off the children for a play date in spray-on leggings and a stud belt. But – and here’s the point people – this is precisely what is expected of the average punter as she picks her way through fashion’s new season. The most recent catwalk diktat, and one which looks likely to stick for spring, is a combination of hard chic and easy charm. Together. On one plate. It’s fierce but pretty. Tough but with a soft, fondant centre.

It’s a look promulgated across the board – in the delicate nude tones at ChloĆ©, Lanvin or Burberry, coupled with slashes and cut-outs and wicked heels; in the lingerie looks which have deluged the catwalks, all adorable silks and darling lace, but worn with swagger and attitude and masses of leg. It’s there in the bucolic fantasy at Chanel, the pretty frills worn with heavy clog mules and stocking tops.

It’s this clash of cultures which makes spring fashion suddenly interesting and new. It’s what will get Jezebel and Annabel into the shops – and, for the first time ever, they may be tussling over the same clothes. My money’s on Annabel to win."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-1247952/Fashion-life-Jezebel-meets-Annabel.html#ixzz0myHhVDuC

I came across this article in 'YOU' magazine and I felt that it summarized my design aesthetic for my final collection as i am drawn to the combination of 'hard chic' and 'easy charm'. As Spencer says it is 'fierce but pretty. Tough but with a soft fondant centre'. Through my styling and juxtaposition of fabrics i hope to achieve such a look.

Inspirational Illustrators....

Laura Laine....

I am drawn to Laine's quirky depiction of the female form, and hauntingly beautiful illustrative style. The way in which she intertwines figures with long flowing hair is distinctive of her mark making. Laine's illustrations have a dramatic gothic feel, and i admire the way they are rendered using pencil/ pen. http://www.lauralaine.net/

"How would you describe your style?
My drawing style is something I’m not so conscious about, I just do what I feel like at the moment. Lately it’s been twisted-bodied girls with a melancholy attitude.”

Sara Singh

singh's illustrations are also hand drawn, and it is the fluid style, achieved through watercolor and ink,that i am drawn to.

kime Buzzelli

I love the attitude Buzzelli's illustrations have, her bold and imaginative use of mixed media makes her work visually interesting. Buzzelli incorporates make-up, watercolour, thread and fabric into her work. Invested in a vocabulary of desire, nature, witchcraft and superstition, Buzzelli's paintings are essentially dark love poems inhabited by wicked women, wild animals, secret societies, and places of wonder and fear.

With a fascination with the lives of others, Buzzelli's narrative illustrations both obscure and reveal. Inserting brief poetic text into the compositions, Buzzelli creates juxtapositions which cloud an immediate reading of the work; it is unclear if the words serve as the thoughts of her subjects, or an omniscient proposition. These bits become suggestions or clues to the lives of her subjects which the viewer is left to unravel.

Jasper Goodall

Goodall's slick illustrations are multimedia pieces made using felt tips, pencils, Illustrator and Photoshop. I feel his work communicates attitude and drama. I love the textural effect he achieves through mixed media and mark making.

Personally I am drawn to hand drawn illustrations as i feel they have more character/are more evocative than computer generated illustrations. I admire Goodall's style as he successfully juxtaposes both techniques. Through my own illustrations i hope to create an edgy yet romantic mood, (something i feel Laine captures through her depiction of the female form)whilst using both Photoshop and hand rendering techniques.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Long Bra Dress

This week I completed the long version of the bra dress. I love the luxurious contrast of the matt butter soft leather and the shiny printed silk satin. The cut of the dress perfectly shows off the bold floral print.

I feel the print on the dress has been successful in terms of scale and the amalgamation of floral imagery. The connection between my research into Erdem’s style of digital print is evident in the dress, as I have considered not only scale and colour, but also my use of negative space.

Although the cut of the dress fully shows off my print, on reflection I feel that maybe it is a little shapeless….although my opinion may change when I see the dress on a figure in motion.

Arts Thread


Today I finalised my Arts Thread page. Arts Thread will allow members if the industry to view my work for a year after I graduate, and I feel that through publishing my work on the site I am able to communicate my work with a larger audience/ employers, thus hopefully increasing my chances of getting a job within the fashion/textiles industry.

The site works as an online portfolio, so i selected imagery that i felt best represented my personal style/ visual language. Above is a selection of imagery that illustrates the romantic, feminine mood behind my collection, and love for colour and print.