Sunday, 11 April 2010

Throughout the making of my collection I feel that my line up has developed and evolved. As I keep reflecting on the progress of the collection, and what designs are working successfully I feel that there are a few changes to he collection that I need to make.

Above are illustrated and technical drawings of my developed line up. After seeing the leather hip dress with the organza batwing top, I felt that the dress was stronger worn on its own. I have thus decided to make a panelled leather skirt to go with the batwing top, as I feel that this will show the batwing and leather dress off to there full potential.

I have adapted the line up by adding another long dress to the collection, as I feel that the design of the dress will show my print off dramatically in comparison to the original design it replaced.

As a result of the changes I have made the collection is more consistent in my use of fabric and design features/ details.

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