Friday, 16 April 2010

Progress....Bra Top evaluation

During the construction of the collection, I adapted and developed some of the designs to improve the aesthetics of the collection/designs.

From the construction of the toile to the final dress I made slight changes to the design that include adding gathered organza under the bust, making the under dress more fitted to the body, and eliminating the bias binding.

I decided to add the gathered organza as it fits in the voluminous element I wanted the collection to have. The nature of the organza means that the gathered fabric stands beautifully away from the body, but as it is translucent you can still see the bold floral print, and figure underneath. The juxtaposition between luxury fabrics within this garment is particularly successful; the butter soft leather contrasts with the shear, matt organza and glossy silk satin. The leather gives the dress an edgy/ contemporary feel.

The print on this dress is a smaller scale version of the print on the voluminous layer dress. Varying the size/ scale and fabric of the print within the collection adds interest, and changes the nature of the print. I am pleased with the amalgamation of floral imagery and colour within this print, and it works beautifully on the silk/satin.

Lining the dress as opposed to using bias binding gives the dress a professional finish and makes it look like part of a luxury collection.

The cut out detail at the back of this dress adds a daring and provocative edge.

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