Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I feel that the hip detailing on the dress did not work as well as it had in my toile due to the nature of the silk satin fabric. I found the silk/satin particularly hard to work with, but the choice of fabric was perfect for the bold floral print. I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone with this print in terms of my use of colour, and amalgamation of imagery. I feel that the print reflects my research into contemporary fashion designers such as Erdem through scale and placement.

On reflection I feel that the dress would have been more successful if I had have eliminated the front and back seams as they distort the print, however I did feel that with the seam detailing the cut of the dress links in with the others garments within the collection.

To solve my problem with the hips I decided to experiment with different ways of folding the point at the hip until I discovered a method that was more flattering to the figure. I did not want to eliminate the hips completely as I feel that it works well as a design feature running through the collection.

In the image above i have explored eliminating the hip detail. As the print is so bold, i feel that the dress is strong enough without the hips, but because it is a feature I have repeated within the collection, the design feature might have to stay.

Above i have further explored folding the hips in a different way to see how this changes the style/ fit of the garment. However i feel that the image at the top of the page is stronger, as the hip shape is more dramatic.

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