Sunday, 14 March 2010

Recently I have been developing design ideas for my final collection. My concept is to design a capsule collection of darkly sophisticated, yet feminine garments taking inspiration form the timeless appeal of the little black dress, juxtaposed against heavy armour like beading, and bold digital print. I have looked at the feminine cocktail dresses designed by Erdem, and want to combine this element of romanticism with the harder silhouettes seen through labels such as Balmain- for example the emphasis on the shoulder.

The collection is roused by the female form and the way it moves, exploring body conscious, dynamic and voluminous silhouettes through line and repetition.

It is more challenging to design a collection of six garments than I initially thought, as I can not bring too many different silhouettes or design features into my collection without repeating them throughout.

Here is my initial line up. I feel that some of the dresses do not relate to each other or work as a collection. I have two elements running through the designs – volume and body con – and I need to relate these elements within the same garment for it to look like a collection.

I feel that there was not enough continuity within my first line up, and I needed to further refine my ideas, as it was only the digital print, fabric and colour scheme that related within the collection. To overcome this problem I found that it was easier to lay my designs out in front of me and then design further from those six, picking out key features. This technique helped me to further develop my ideas.

Indulgent fabrics include butter soft leather, contrasted against lustrous silks and transparent organza, my aim to juxtapose the different textures/ weights of fabric throughout the collection.

After developing and further refining the line up I started to explore print placement and scale using Photoshop. Through doing this I was able to get a clear indication of what prints would work well with particular shapes. This week I feel that I have been able to push my designs and prints forward in relation to each other, and I can now see my ideas coming together. It is now my intention to start toiling the garments to further progress within the project.

the design pictured is one i am particularly pleased with as i feel i have challenged myself with design shape and construction. It also combines the elemnt of body con and volume.

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