Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Over the last two weeks I have successfully completed two outfits, and i am keeping to my time plan which has helped me organize and prioritize the work i need to complete.

Hip Dress - I have not had much experience working in leather so initially this dress was a challenge. Despite having to get to grips with the nature of leather fabric i feel that the dress strongly resembles my design, and the leather fabric gives the dress a high quality feel.

I am pleased that i adapted my toile through removing the darts, preferring the clean lines of the horizontal seams. I also feel that the way the hip points fold in on themselves is a visually interesting design feature.

The organza fabric i used to create the batwing wing top has created a beautiful amount of volume, and the nature of the fabric means the top retains its shape. The organza against the leather is a successful contrast.

Organza Layer Dress - I feel that this dress has the most catwalk presence due to the volume and mass of fabric. The silhouette of this dress has an ethereal quality which compliments the print. I also feel that the scale of the print and placement works well as it is more complex than a repeat print.

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