Sunday, 14 March 2010

Moving on from my initial line up, I have started to experiment with pattern cutting and modelling on the stand so that I can toile my final collection. Toiling my final collection will enable me to further develop and refine my ideas.

Personally I find that my print design is stronger than my pattern cutting, so I have allowed myself more time to work on construction than in previous projects.

I have found that from the first initial pattern draft/ toile I have been able to experiment and explore my designs in 3D, pushing them on from the initial 2D design. Although many of the patterns have not been perfect first time, I have gained confidence to experiment with the pattern blocks, manipulating them further to suit my designs.

Above is the toile for one of my dresses. I wanted the design to have masses of volume to make a satement, so i explored the technique of cutting and slashing the pattern. The fabric now falls in beautiful folds and has lots of movemnt.

Through beginning to toile my collection I have gained confidence in pattern cutting, and have become more independent in experimenting, and pushing my ideas forward. I have learnt the importance of toiling to further refine ideas.

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