Friday, 5 February 2010

Print Development...

Here is a selection of the digital prints i have been working on for my final collection. I was inspired by Erdem's use of colour and placement. In order to push the prints foward i aim to consider negative space and scale.

This print utilises the majority of colours from my colour palate, and was inspired by the Katacca and Paco Peregin photo shoot for floral motifs, colour and feminine mood.

I have explored scale and combining different types of flowers. The amalgamation of colour works well, as does the placement of prints as it generates a romantic mood. However I feel that I could further explore scale between the large flowers and ditsy motifs to create more of a contrast and thus visual impact.

After analysing Erdem’s floral prints I decided to explore repeat (as opposed to the random placement of previous print designs I have worked on), and this has created a visually busy print that explores pattern, colour and scale. The soft amalgamation of colour is effective, and I would like to see the print on either a silk satin or chiffon fabric as I feel that the nature of these fabric could change the impact the print has.

This is one of my favourite prints as I feel that the juxtaposition of scale and the placement of the floral motifs are elegant and feminine. The lemon yellow and duck egg blue were a result of further experimentation into colour, as I wanted to start to explore using colour combinations that were out of my comfort zone.

I feel that this print demonstrates my response to my research, and shows development of skills on Photoshop as I have become more confident in experimenting with new techniques.

I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, and thus started to explore combining different floral motifs and colour combinations. This print was a result of continuous exploration of techniques on Photoshop that resulted in the print becoming an explosion of inky colour. I feel that this print would have impact when used on a silk/satin dress due to the rich use of colour, and play on scale.

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