Thursday, 11 February 2010

I have been working on these beaded samples in response to my research into the ornate and decorative beading of the 1920s. I was inspired by the textural effects of combining different beads, sequins and fabrics.

Within my own samples I have explored juxtaposing net and light-weight silk chiffon against heavy armour-like beading. I have also experimented with amalgamating matt and shiny beads to create a textural effect, as well as experimenting with beading black on black.

Clements Ribeiro A/W 2010 (

Within this sample i have explored juxtaposing a range of beads and chains to create a tactile and decorative embelishment that could be used as a detail on a dress. I was inspired by the ornate appliqued crystal embroidery seen in the recent Clements Riberio A/W 2010 collection (image - which is combined with delicate repeat prints. The way in which the design duo have combined opulent emblishment with print is a technique i wish to explore within my own collection

I started to explore how the heavy beading would work when combined with my digital print. Personally i feel that the weight of the beading provides a beautiful contrast to the light weight silk satin fabric. This is a contrast i wish to further explore through sampling.

Beading onto net creates a textural effect, with the net working as a design feature and contrasting with the weight of the beads. I personally feel the colours within this sample are successful, as they create the illusion of the embelishment being a vintage find. The sacle and shape is reminicent of the beading seen within the Clements Ribeiro collection. The juxtaposition of beads, scale and texture adds to the tactile nature of the sample.

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