Monday, 14 December 2009

Beaded t-shirts - INDIGO

I feel that this embelished detail juxtaposes scale and matt and shiny textured beads, giving the embelishment a tactile nature and visually stimulating effect. The weight of the sample contrasts with the jersey, adding to the 'rock chic' mood the collection has.

With this embelishment i wanted to consider placment, thinking of the MuiMui S/S2009 collection. I feel that the sample is commercial and thus answers the breif, however with more time i would have liked to have built up the beads so that the sample has more impact.

The colours within this sample are soft, feminine and romantic, and were a result of my exploration into colour combinations and juxtaposing texture. The net, beads and silk satin work together to create a delicate amalgamtion of surface texture. Next semster i want to combine beading like this with digital print.

Final embellished pieces –

Personally I feel that my beaded samples reveal my love for surface detail and hand craft. Embellishment is an element I intend to further next semester. I also feel that my ability to juxtapose fabrics and colour has improved throughout this project, highlighting the importance of research and first hand investigation into current trends.

I feel that presenting my samples on jersey t-shirts has given the beaded samples a rock-chic aesthetic.

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