Monday, 14 December 2009

Beaded t-shirts - INDIGO

I feel that this embelished detail juxtaposes scale and matt and shiny textured beads, giving the embelishment a tactile nature and visually stimulating effect. The weight of the sample contrasts with the jersey, adding to the 'rock chic' mood the collection has.

With this embelishment i wanted to consider placment, thinking of the MuiMui S/S2009 collection. I feel that the sample is commercial and thus answers the breif, however with more time i would have liked to have built up the beads so that the sample has more impact.

The colours within this sample are soft, feminine and romantic, and were a result of my exploration into colour combinations and juxtaposing texture. The net, beads and silk satin work together to create a delicate amalgamtion of surface texture. Next semster i want to combine beading like this with digital print.

Final embellished pieces –

Personally I feel that my beaded samples reveal my love for surface detail and hand craft. Embellishment is an element I intend to further next semester. I also feel that my ability to juxtapose fabrics and colour has improved throughout this project, highlighting the importance of research and first hand investigation into current trends.

I feel that presenting my samples on jersey t-shirts has given the beaded samples a rock-chic aesthetic.

Final Digital Prints - INDIGO

This project enabled me to develop skills on Photoshop. Previous to this project I had not worked on digital prints, and I feel that it is a technique that works well for me as it allows me to explore colour and pattern. I feel that I was able to explore placement and repeat in response to my research into contemporary fashion. It is my aim to further develop my use of Photoshop to further generate digital print next semester.

I also entered the River Island design competition, which was to design a capsule collection of womenswear garments for summer 2010. When considering the key trends for summer 2010 and the river island customer, I felt that my Indigo collection would be perfect to send off. The digital prints are fun and youthful, and the beaded jersey t-shirts have a commercial ‘rock-chic aesthetic’, which I feel is suitable for the river island customer.

The project has encouraged me to consider how my collection could be sold/ marketed, as well as the commercial side of designing for the high street.

I have designed my illustrations on quirky figures to illustrate the romantic/ feminine design of my prints. I feel that my design skills have developed from last semester, and I intend to continue this development through continuous drawing/ sketches as I feel this is integral to my development.

Competitions: Simply Yours/ River Island

I decided to enter two competitions in conjunction with my current project. One being ‘From Brief to Bra’, set by Simply Yours. The competition was to design a bra and brief set for S/S 2011 suitable for plus size customers.

I wanted my design to be fun and flirty, and felt that it was the perfect project to use my prints for Indigo on. I changed the scale of the print to suit the style and shape of the underwear, and feel that the design is well suited for the season considering my research and idea development. The project also presented me with the opportunity to develop my technical drawings and technical terminology, as well as enabling me to further enrich my skills on Photoshop and illustrator.