Sunday, 22 November 2009

With a strong focus on surface embellishment such as beading and print techniques, my work juxtaposes garment construction against textile processes. Throughout the course of my degree I have been presented with the opportunity to experiment and explore a wide range of techniques and processes, thus developing my own style and visual language.

This year I hope to further refine and develop my skill in garment construction and print, developing new techniques that will result in the production of my final collection next semester.

Through juxtaposing print and embellishment techniques with construction, I aim to reveal garments that are saturated in both historical and contemporary references, exploring amplified volume and body conscious fit. I am inspired by designers such as Erdem for his prints, saturated in a rich amalgamation of colour.

This semester I am working towards producing two capsule collections of garment fronts for S/S 2011. One collection will focus on digital prints, and the second will focus on beading and surface decoration.

As a lot of my work centres around embellishment techniques I have gone on to further develop both my digital prints and hand painted discharge prints through working into them with embroidery and beading. My use of embellishment has been inspired by 18th century historical dress for the armour like clusters of beads. The resulting finishes give the garments a luxuriously decorative feel.

I was also shown examples of 1920s beading, and the placement of the beading on the hem of dresses, as well as the delicate femininity of the beads further confirmed my love of the techniques, as well as forcing me to consider the placement of my own embellishment techniques.

The S/S 2010 Mui Mui collection also inspired the direction of my current project, as I was drawn to the juxtaposition of heavy beading against flesh coloured fabric, offering a promiscuous edge.

I was particularly drawn to the tactile element of Vanderpuije’s work, and the 3D effects she is able to create through working with Perspex and buttons. Her technique encouraged me to explore embellishing my own prints with cover buttons, as a contemporary interpretation on decorative processes such as beading. I am drawn to the dimension and tactile nature this technique has offered my prints, and I feel that it will work well as a hem on a dress, giving it weight and movement.

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