Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Trend : Tired of doodling on paper…. How about your arm? Your thigh? Or even your face?

Rodarte kicked off the body art trend in New York, covering their models with tribal shapes to complement their primitive, deconstructed collection; a rich amalgamation of distressed fabric. James Kaliardos came up with the black curvilinear designs that ended up the perfect armour for Rodarte’s futuristic warrior women.

In Paris, Jean Paul Gaultier’s models were painted with their names in large, gothic typeface giving the collection attitude, whilst at Chanel, there was a daintier, and infinitely more wearable, approach. The models were decorated with temporary chain tattoos on their wrists and thighs. The wrist tattoos had an air of comedy and kitsch, signature elements of Karl Lagerfeld’s design aesthetic. I thought the thigh tattoos complimented the light and feminine collection. But will temporary tattoos translate well in real life? Instead of toughening up your cocktail dress with a pair of boots, maybe it is time you should be drawing on your arm!

(Images: www.style.com)

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