Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Current Project

My current project involves designing a collection of fronts to be shown at Premier Vision in Paris. Here is a description of my direction for the collection:

Pleasure Gardens in London were opened in the 18th and 19th centuries. During this period the essential spirit of Rococo fashion was rooted in elegance, refinement and decoration, with elements of capriciousness, extravagance and coquetry. Through architectural shapes juxtaposed against graphic print and embellishment,

I aim to create a collection inspired by the female form to be worn during the cocktail hour.

Within this collection a suggestive tone will be injected through flashes of flesh to provide provocative elegance inspired by the notion that Eighteenth Century Pleasure Gardens are hotbeds of intrigue, scandal and seduction. Femininity will prevail through surface embellishment including digital print techniques, and heavy, armour like beading.

A scientific edge will prevail through an assemblage of natural remnants, setting a macabre tone for the collection, and running alongside the theme of the floral motifs to revel garments saturated in dark romanticism.

The collection will comprise indulgent fabrics such as silk chiffons and satins in chalky white, fleshy nude, aluminium grey, midnight ink, and flashes of fuchsia pink.

I am drawing inspiration from the digital floral prints seen in Prada’s S/S 2010 collection, and I am inspired by the repeat pattern and use of colour!

Images to follow!

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