Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Current Project - Visual!

Erdem s/s 2010 (

Elegant floral prints with innovative placemnt and use of negative space. I feel that one of the reasons i like Erdem's prints is because of his innovative placemnt of print, and i will thus consider how my print is repeated on a garment.

Prada, S/S 2010

Inspiration - Rose motif, use of colour, scale and repeat. In response to this image i intend to explore digital print processes to achieve a similar effect for my collection for Indigo.

Exploring colour, scale and reapeat in response to research into Contemporary collections. Through developing my print ideas and experimenting i will be able to push my ideas foward.

Inspired by the amalgamation of floral print and colour within Erdem, and Prada's S/S 2010 collection, i set about exploring digital print ideas on Photoshop to improve my knowledge of techniques and processes! the use of the rose motif within the Prada collection was a particular inspiration, as was the use of colour (white roses on a black background). Using Prada as my starting point i started to manipulate the rose image on photoshop, considering scale, colour and repeat.

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